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I have been practising physiotherapy since 2002 after graduating from King's College London. Initially starting work for the NHS, I served as a junior physiotherapist before acting as a senior physiotherapist in the out-patient department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital until 2008. During this time I was also contracted to work at the Fylde Coast Hospital to serve as an orthopaedic and out-patient physiotherapist for musculoskeletal patients. To gain further experience in the private field I practised from Cumberland House in Blackpool under the guidance of orthopaedic consultant Mr S McLoughlin between 2006-2008. I then provided physiotherapy services from the Bob Ward Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic before starting Ashfield Physiotherapy in November 2010.



My background within the healthcare profession began working as a nursing auxillary in Nursing Homes. This gave me the opportunity to gain experience in the management of patients with difficulty mobilising as well as caring for post operative Total Hip and Knee Replacement patients. A career in patient rehabilitation appealed greatly to me and I then had the opportunity to work at Blackpool Victoria Hospital as a physiotherapy assistant. I was detailed to work on surgical wards and the intensive care unit to assist the recovery of post operative patients. My targets were to improve patient mobility prior to discharge and to ensure that patients were compliant with rehabilitation programs to help them achieve full recovery.


I have recently completed a Sports Science and Coaching Studies Degree from Accrington and Rossendale College. I carried out my dissertation on the effects of cryotherapy treatment on female footballers with acute knee injuries. The study and positive results obtained further increased my interest in the cryotherapy field. To develop my knowledge and understanding in the field I offered my services as a volunteer at a North West Cryotherapy clinic before establishing the Cryotherapy Room at Ashfield Physiotherapy Ltd.


The clinic provides a comprehensive range of treatments for various injuries and complaints, specialising in sports injuries, spinal manipulation and vestibular rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves on making physiotherapy accessible to all, offering substantial assessment and treatment to achieve the best outcome for the patient. Our approach strives to source the problem of the patient's symptoms and our honest advice allows the patient to reach the most efficient and effective route to rectifying their complaint.

A full service of 5 days a week is offered, with some emergency appointments available on Saturdays. Over the phone advice can also be offered to patients in circumstances where physiotherapy treatment may not be necessary.

Assessment and treatment appointments last for approximately 45 minutes enabling us to obtain an extensive history of the patient's condition, offer the appropriate treatment and devise a suitable rehabilitation program to achieve recovery. We are extremely approachable and happy to answer any questions that you may have, offering appropriate advice where neccessary.

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