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On this news page we will endeavour to keep patients up to date with developments at Ashfield Physiotherapy.

In the last 6 weeks we have completed the brand new Cryotherapy Room at the clinic. The new treatment facility provides the Fylde Coast with it's first introduction to innovative Cryotherapy treatment. The room provides a localised cryotherapy unit that directs sub-zero temperatures to target body sites to help reduce pain/inflammation, reduce muscle soreness and promote injury/training recovery. The treatment provides a safe and enjoyable treatment measure to help return the patient back to their fighting best in as quick a time as possible. Also available to help boost recovery are RecoveryPump compression therapy boots and Theragun treatment, providing further measures to help promote muscle recovery and reduce muscle tightness.

The clinic also provides Bodyflow Therapy. This specifically targets the lymphatic system which helps to encourage drainage of fluid. Originally designed for lymphedema patient's, research has also shown Bodyflow to be effective in the treatment of acute injury and post-operatively to reduce swelling/oedema. There is further evidence that the equipment helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness allowing for athletes to train more frequently without increasing pain or risk of injury. After trialling the equipment we found it extremely beneficial in the treatment of acute muscle tears and will now offer it for treatment permanently at the clinic. Bodyflow is utilised by leading athletes across the world including Team Sky cycling and by the FA at St George's Park. To find out more information on this equipment please do not hesitate to contact the clinic or visit www.bodyflowinternational.com.

Over the past few years we have made a concerted effort to ensure we are affiliated with all leading health insurance providers thus enabling patients wishing to use our services through their health insurance the opportunity to do so. We are registered with Bupa, AXA PPP, Pru Health, Aviva, WPA and Cigna. Should you be linked with any other provider please don't hesitate to contact them and it is likely that we will be able to provide physiotherapy services for you.
We also offer services for medico-legal cases should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.
We have a Facebook page which is titled Ashfield Physiotherapy. Should you wish to leave any comments regarding your experiences with the practice please feel free to do so. As the facebook page is a live service you will find regular tips and advice for the management of injuries as well as offers for both new and existing customers. As a shameless plug if anybody would wish to like the facebook page that would be great!
If there are any patients waiting for surgery, pre-operative rehabilitation and injury management can benefit recovery post-op. Utilisation of tailored rehabilitation programmes and cryotherapy treatment can provide the injury site with the best preparation for surgery. Ensuring that strength is maintained and inflammation is kept to a minimum will help boost the speed of surgical recovery.